Beauties on the road 2023

17. 4. 2023

I would like to mention the Motoshow at Nová Karolina in Ostrava on my blog, where I had the privilege of participating with my trial show. The event took place on April 15th and 16th and offered visitors adrenaline experiences and great motorsport. Motoshow was the highlight of the Beauties on the road exhibition, which was on display at the shopping center from April 1st.

On Sunday, I had two performances in front of the shopping center and I must say that it was an incredible experience. It was great to see how the audience enjoyed themselves and how much energy they had. I would like to thank the organizers who allowed me to participate in this event. During my performance, I tried to show what trial motorcycles can do and what it means to be a trial rider. I hope people enjoyed my show and that I brought them closer to this unique sport. It was a great experience for me and I'm looking forward to similar events in the future.

Many significant personalities from the world of motorsport gathered at Motoshow, such as Libor Podmol, Adam Peschel, or Veronika Hankocyová. Talk shows with guests were held on stage, which I enjoyed very much. It was also possible to meet, for example, Czech Dakar motorcycle legend David Pabiška and the chief pilot of the Czech truck team Fesh Fesh in Dakar, Tomáš Vrátný.

Motoshow offered many other accompanying programs, such as freestyle motocross shows, stunt rider performances, quad and pitbike rides. For children, there was a fun zone and a children's traffic school, so the whole event was a great experience for the whole family. Overall, I evaluate this event very positively, it was well-organized, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Below you can see the photos (authors: Lukáš Ston, Jiří Vaněk) and video from the event.

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