Czech & Slovakia got talent

2. 10. 2022

Together with Vašek Kolář, we took part in the TV competition Czech & Slovakia got talent. For those who happen to not yet know Vašek - he rides a trial bike, has already won the World Championship several times, he rides shows, shoots great videos... Well, in short, he's pretty good. 😃 We have known each other for many years and in the past we filmed the video project ALL WE TOGETHER, where all trials disciplines were represented - unicycle, bicycle and motorcycle. We also sometimes make a YouTube video, train together and so on.

Our participation in the competition actually came about completely by chance and we found out that we would be participating in the filming only about a week before the event. Fortunately, we both do trials shows, so it wasn't that much of a problem for us. The day before the event, we met in the parking lot, set up obstacles and practiced a common performance.

The filming itself took place in Bratislava in June. We were supposed to arrive at the location already at 10 o'clock, and all day there were various interviews, filming of medallions, etc. We got on the stage in the evening. However, we didn't know until the last moment if our obstacles could even be placed in the studio. In the end it worked, but I have to say that there really wasn't much room left for riding. So we had to adjust the repertoire a bit at the place to make it possible. Everything was further complicated by the slippery floor.

Our part of the TV show was broadcast on October 1. As you could see, everything worked out beautifully and we received a golden buzzer from the jury. This means we're going straight through to the finals, which will be broadcast live on November 26. So I hope you all will watch. 😁

Unfortunately, the recording of the performance is only available on Facebook - LINK HERE.

You can find out how everything happened in detail in the video below. (Czech language)

See you in the finals!

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