Czech Champion 2022

10. 10. 2022

In this season 2022, I took part in the entire series of races of the International Championship of the Czech Republic in trials. I started again in the TR1 category - i.e. the main, most difficult track. There were a total of 9 separate races, where individual participants collected points for the overall championship.

The racing season was started with the weekend in Březová near Sokolov on April 23-24, where I managed to win both days. Another racing weekend was organized in Tanvald on May 28-29. However, I did not confirm my form there and took one third and one second place. The third event took place in Kyselka near Karlovy Vary. The form was a little better here, but unfortunately not as good as at the beginning of the season - I took two second places behind Martin Křoustek.

The situation in the overall ranking was already getting quite tense and I knew that I had to start trying really hard in the next races. Well, not that I haven't tried before, but you know what I mean. 😁

After a longer summer break, we fought in September in Nihošovice. Here I took second place on Saturday and first on Sunday. Sunday's race already assured me of winning in the overall standings, because there was only one race day left and the worst two results of each rider are deleted from the overall standings. So I took a good rest and could celebrate. Uff. But I also participated in the last race. It was  held in Kramolín on October 8 and I took second place. Martin Křoustek took second place in the overall ranking. Matěj Mrázek was third.

Download results here

Overall, I managed to win the title of International Champion of the Czech Republic in the moto trials for 2022. It is already my seventh title and since seven is my favorite number, I am somehow fulfilled internally. 😊

I would like to thank all the sponsors for their support and my dad for minder duties at the races. It wouldn't be possible without you. By the way, I just calculated that I have a total of 20 racing years in trials, which is already a relatively decent chunk of life. 😁🏍️

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